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Ingredients: O Helps in Curing Diabetes & related Each 125mg Tablet contains: disorders from root Abrak Bhasma
11.72 mg O Helps in reducing the dose of OHA's Shuddha Shilajeet
11.72 mg and insulin and helps in producing Bang Bhasma
07.70 mg insulin. Mukta Pishti
07.70 mg O Reduces FPG, OGTT
Javitri(Fruit) (Myristica Fragrance)
03.85 mg CPGT, HbA1c levels Kesar(Crocus Sativus)
07.70 mg Description:Laung(Fruit) (Syzygium Aromaticum)
03.85 mg O Diawin-9 is suitable for people who Rajat Bhasma
07.70 mg suffer from diabetes for prolonged Makardhwaj
07.70 mg period. Basant kusumakar Ras
07.70 mg O Diawin-9 is beneficial for controlling and
Pure Khuchala curing signs and symptoms associated
07.70 mg Ras sindoor with diabetes such as frequent
07.70 mg urination, weakness of limbs, increased Tribang Bhasma
07.70 mg thirst, decreased vision, etc. Swarn Bhasma
01.54 mg O Diawin-9 helps to boost up immunity as Jaiphal(Fruit) (Myristica Dactyloides)
07.70 mg it consists of natural herbs for diabetes Binding Agent
Q.S and prevent recurrent infections in diabetic people.
An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine O Herbs and bhasmas in Diawin-9 provide nutrition to the whole body and prevent weakness
and tired feeling. O Diawin-9 provides herbs for stimulating pancreas to release insulin for glucose metabolism
and functioning of other organs. Diawin-9 provides strength to the muscles and body organs
and boost up energy to work properly. O Diawin-9 helps in producing insulin in type 1 diabetes patients. Diawin-9 helps in curing the
other generated disorders by diabetes like parkinson's, lethargy, impotency, body and joints
pain, general weakness of the body. O The rare herbs in Diawin-9 help to metabolize blood glucose. It removes harmful toxins from
the body and helps fight new toxin build-up. Precautions : Alcohol, Fats, high calorie food, sugar should be avoided during the Treatment. Regular checkup of blood/urine sugar is advised. Regular medical checkups and advice is necessary for management of Diabetes. Results may vary from person to person.
For the use of Medical Practitioners Only.
Dosage: - By starting Diawin 9 keep the present medicines continue for 7 days. Slowly reduce the dosage. + 2 Tablets daily with water (1 tab. Morning (Before Food) 1 tab. Night (1 hour before meal.) or as
directed by the physician or till the symptoms are relieved. + If sugar level till 200 (1 tab. morning. 1 tab night)
If sugar level till 200-250 (1 tab. morning. 1 tab. afternoon 1 tab. night)
Patients taking insulin (2 tab. morning 2 tab. night) + To be taken under the surveillance of medical practitioner only

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